Here you can find free high quality tileable PBR textures under the royalty free license - Albedo-, Roughness-, Metallic-, Height-, AO- and Normalmaps included. These are ready to use textures which you can download in 1k resolution. Patreon- and PayPal supporters will get access to up to 8k resolution textures. You can also buy all of this textures in high resolution in the shop.

Legacy textures are only unprocessed diffuse textures and are provided 'as is'. They are not available in other resolutions.

Metal PBR materials

Leather PBR materials

Wood PBR materials

Roof tiles PBR materials

Fachwerk (Half-timbered house) PBR materials

Fachwerk texture Fachwerk texture 1 Fachwerk texture 1 Fachwerk texture 2 Fachwerk texture 3

Stone PBR materials

Rock PBR materials

Snow and Ice PBR materials

Snowy rocks PBR Material

Sci-Fi PBR materials

Sci-Fi Panel PBR Material

Concrete PBR materials

Legacy textures (right click -> save target as)

Concrete Texture Wood Texture Wood Texture Floor Texture Floor Texture Forestpath Texture Ground Texture Stone Texture Stone Texture Stone Texture Stone Texture Stone Texture Stone Texture Stone Texture Wall Texture Wall Texture

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