PBR worn Fachwerk (Half-timbered house) right panel texture Version 2:

This is a fully tileable worn half-timbered (Fachwerk) house PBR texture. Unlike any other I found on the Internet (or tutorials), this one is pretty realistic as the woodplanks do not really protrude. When I was looking for such textures, I always found some which are not like the real thing, so I decided to make my own. Now you can download them too! Although this texture is perfectly tileable, it is more like a right panel of a full house, where the diagonal plank works like a support for the whole structure. You'll find the download link at the bottom of this page!

Image of the texture
Image of the texture

This textureset includes an Albedo- (Base Color), Roughness-, Metallic-, Height-, Ambient Occlusion- and Normalmap and is a fully working PBR Material.

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