PBR worn Fachwerk (Half-timbered house) right panel texture:

This is a fully tileable worn half-timbered (Fachwerk) house PBR texture. Unlike any other I found on the Internet (or tutorials), this one is pretty realistic as the woodplanks do not really protrude. When I was looking for such textures, I always found some which are not like the real thing, so I decided to make my own. Now you can download them too! Although this texture is perectly tileable, it is more like a right panel of a full house, where the diagonal plank works like a support for the whole structure. This texture fits and tiles perfectly with my PBR worn Fachwerk v1 texture middle panel and my PBR worn Fachwerk v1 texture left panel. You can get a nice whole Fachwerk wall when combining all three textures. You'll find the download link at the bottom of this page!

This textureset includes an Albedo- (Base Color), Roughness-, Metallic-, Height-, Ambient Occlusion- and Normalmap and is a fully working PBR Material.

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