World War 2 3D models - Tschechenigel / Czech Hedgehog

Tschechenigel / Czech Hedgehog 3D Model

Czech Hedgehog 3D Model

This is the first model I completed for my new project and the first from the range of World War 2 3D models I am currently working on. It's the famous anti-tank obstacle called Czech Hedgehog (Tschechenigel or rozsocháč/ježek). It's a well known item not only used in the biggest war the world has ever seen, for example on Omaha Beach, but was also a part of the Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer) in the time of the cold war and widely used in many other cases for anti-tank defense. This is a truly historical piece!

The Czech Hedgehog is a static anti-tank obstacle defense made of metal angle beams which has it's origin in Czechoslovakia. They were originally used on the Czech-German border by the Czechoslovak border fortification. After the occupation of the Sudetenland the german forces looted some of the hedgehogs and used them for their own needs. The Czech Hedgehog was also widely used by the Soviet Union in anti-tank defense. They could and were produced from any sturdy piece of metal, like railroad ties, but there also were concrete versions and even hedgehogs made from wood. I focused on the well known metalmade for my Czech Hedgehog 3D model.

I may change the texture in the feature, or just make more variations, like a new made Czech Hedgehog, a rusted one and so on. But at first, this is my final result. I hope you like it!

Click on the image to see a much higher resolution version!

Czech Hedgehog 3D Model

Short animation of the Czech Hedgehog 3D Model:

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