Youtube Tutorial: Full-process series part 2

Finishing the Medieval Well 3D Model in Blender

Full-process tutorials: modeling, texture making and texturing a medieval well

In the second part of my full-process series Youtube Tutorial we will be finishing the Medieval Well 3D Model. This includes modeling and UV-Mapping the model so it will be nearly ready for texturing.

The next tutorials will be focusing on material making in Substance Designer. Of course you will find every PBR material made for free download in 1k resolution on my homepage.

Here is the second part of the series: Finishing the medieval well:

YouTube link: Modeling a Medieval Well in Blender - Tutorial part 2/2. Timelapsed - Full-process series part 2

Hope you liked it, part 2 will follow soon!

03.02.2021 by vfx-world

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