vfx-world.com relaunch!

Website relaunch with much new stuff!

Website relaunch

After some monthes of downtime, I am happy to announce the relaunch of vfx-world.com! Much happend under the hood. The page is now optimized for at least 4k resolution and the sourcecode is cleaned up.

More interesting should be the fact, that we are now offering free seamless PBR materials and textures for download and a shop, where you can buy 3D models made by me. You can find the links to this categories in the main navigation.

The latest category "my work", which I introduced sooner this year is now called portfolio and is a showcase of my work.

There is a thing or two I have to mention about the free PBR materials and textures: You can download and use all of them in a 1k resolution under the royalty free license. That means you can use these PBR materials and textures for personal project and commercial work. However, as the copyright stays with me, you are not allowed to resell these PBR materials and textures in the plain form they are offered here. You are allowed to embed them into projects though.

For example:
You are allowed to use them in a project within a game engine like Unreal Engine 4, also for renderings and so on.
You are not allowed to put them in any marketplace for sale as they are offered here.
If you want to use them in a 3D model you want to sell, please credit my work by putting a link to vfx-world.com

Do you need any PBR material and texture you can find here in a higher resolution? Become a patreon! You will then gain access to all of them in up to 16k resolution! Alternatively you can donate on PayPal and write me an E-Mail to webmaster[at]vfx-world[dot]com and inform me about your donation. I will then contact you. A donation of 1$ equals one texture in your desired resolution. For 5$ you get seven, for 10$ fifteen and for 20$ an unlimited amount of PBR materials and textures.

Although there are not many PBR materials and textures available at the moment, I will be filling this category rapidly and offer more and more of them.

I hope you like the changes to vfx-world.com and enjoy the free PBR materials and textures!

30.09.2020 by vfx-world

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