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New Section - My Work

New Section - My Work

In the process of restructuring vfx-world.com I came up with a new section called "My Work" and you can find it in the main navigation on the right. The new link will replace the forum button in the navigation and the new category will be the main part of the page in the long run. For now, a Forum is no longer planned and the new category will be a guarantee for more regular updates of my site.

The new section is exactly what you can expect from the name: A place where I will show my work with renders, wireframes and descriptions. I will also provide some context for things that are inspired by real objects.

As of now there is not much to see there yet, but I will add more content shortly and regularly. For now you can find two models I made for my World War II project there - the Czech Hedgehog and the brand new Stielhandgranate M24 3D Model. The main categories of the new section are:

3D Models: Here I will show more and more 3D Models from different projects like Character Designs, Architecture, Level Art, Weapons, and much more
VFX: Everything related to VFX, Motion Graphics and so on
Animation: Not hard to find out - various animations
Photography: Last but not least - photography. This is not a place for textures, but for images and photos I took from different things and locations

This new section is not for downloads, although I will maybe provide some of the things for download in the future, but as there is a seperate download section for free stuff, you will continue to find it there.

I hope you like the new idea and will enjoy what you'll find there now and especially in the future. Stay tuned for new updates!

Side note: Some of you maybe already saw, that I accidentally uploaded an unfinished article about where to get inspiration for vfx, 3D Modeling and art in general. This article isn't finished yet, but it will be published within the next month.

30.01.2020 by vfx-world

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