Restructuring vfx-world

About the new focus of my page

Restructuring vfx-world

Like you propably already noticed, there weren't many updates in the last years. The reason is pretty simple: I just didn't have much time to focus on the website as I had many things to manage in my personal life. This will change now. I am planning to make many more regular updates in the future, but the focus will change.

Of course this will stay a VFX and CG related website but my original plan with this site was to show you an overview of the VFX and CG scene and write much about the industrie and it's evolution, keep you up-to-date with news etc. This will only be a small part of my page now, as I now want to keep a focus on my own work, showing of models I made, scenes and images, provide some downloadable free content and so on. The main reason for this is, that there are many websites out there, which are already focused on news about the industrie and I don't want and can't compete with them due to lack of time.

As I can see from my website statistics the free downloads are much appreciated and espacially the texture packs are getting downloaded many times each month. Good news: There is a new Texture pack in the making, but it will still take some time, as my priorities have changed a bit. I am working on a World War 2 project and due to this fact I am making many assets from that time now. The Tiger Tank is just the beginning. I wont provide everything to download though, but there will be one or two models that you can use yourself for free.

In the long-term I am planning to make a showreel introducing all the work I've done so far. I am also still thinking about installing a forum to build a small community, but I don't know if I really will have the time for administration, so this is just a thought right now.

Short things short: This will be my personal artist page for showing of my work, provide some downloadable content and post a relevant news from time to time.

I also want to say sorry for not updating this page for so long. This will change now. More things are planned to come, so stay tuned.

11.12.2019 by vfx-world

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