Medieval 3D Models - Horse-drawn wagon

Game-ready horse-drawn wagon 3D Model

Medieval Horse-drawn wagon 3D Model

This is a fast, game-ready, 3D Model of a horse-drawn wagon. As I recently played Kingdom Come: Deliverance and fell in love with this game, I got the motivation to model some medieval stuff, so this is not the last one to come. It is a lowpoly 3D Model, thus it works perfectly with videogame engines like Unreal Engine 4, Unity or CryEngine. Because of this, the textures are made in a 2048x2048 resolution only. This applicates for the two bigger meshes, namely the cover of the wagon and the loading area. The other textures are between 256x256 and 1024x1024 in size. The PBR-workflow was used for texturing.

This Medieval Horse-drawn wagon 3D Model consists of 22036 faces. Nothing more to say really.

Here are some shots, you can click on the images to see the rendered 3D Model in 1440p:

Right side:Medieval Horse-drawn wagon 3D Model right side

Back:Medieval Horse-drawn wagon 3D Model back

Left side:Medieval Horse-drawn wagon 3D Model left side

360° animation of my Medieval Horse-drawn wagon 3D Model:

Medieval Horse-drawn-wagon 3D Model Wireframe

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