SmartNormal 2.0

SmartNormal 2.0 - SmartNormal goes WebGL

Smart Normal You have a nice mesh in a beautiful scene and after looking for an hour for the perfect texture and finally finding one you realize that something's missing. It just looks flat and really not like you imagined. Sure, what you need is a nice normal map to give your object the little extra look.

When making normal maps took a lot of time some years ago it now is quite simple. Many easy to use tools appeard but one that is really handy now even gets better.

This powerful normal map converter is simple, fast and runs directly in the browser! Just upload your image, start adjusting your normal map and export it. You will get perfect results in no time.

I am happy the first news on my page is something that useful. Converting textures into normal maps ever wasn't that easy.

WebGL/GPU powered
maximum input texture size up to 8192*8192px (depending on your device)
realtime preview
uncompressed output

This nice plugin is developed by Jan-C. Frischmuth.

Smart Normal 2.0
Developers Page

02.04.2015 by vfx-world

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