Free VFX Course by Allan McKay

Allan McKay gives you a free VFX course

Blender Logo Today I came across a really great VFX Video Course made by Allan Mckay. It is based on God of War's "Ash" FX Pipeline.

In this course you will get over 10 hours of completly free High-End Training with videos in HD quality and also a live FX Class. Allan will also provide the scene files, actual production scripts, shaders and lots more. It really is a whole production pipeline which will take an actual FX shot and of course will walk through from the start to the finish. As this course is using industry standart tools like 3DS Max, FumeFX 3.5, V-Ray, X-Mesh and Thinking particles 6 you can enjoy a really special gift which will help you to understand the production of visual effects in general surely a bit more..

You will learn the complete process for making an object turn into ashes, all the workflow is there, to show you how to do effects like this. Creating advanced shaders, rendering techniques, compositing, dynamics, all in one, good understandable, fully free course. Even if you are not using the applications mentioned above, you will still learn a lot and in the end understand the whole process, making it possible to use the tools within your production pipeline to create an effect like the one in this course.

If you are interested in this great course, be sure to visit the site as fast as possible, because this will only be available until the 17th May. So you only have two more days left. Don't miss this great opportunity.

Link to the FX Video Course by Allan Mckay.

15.05.2015 by vfx-world

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