Blender - almost half a million downloads per month

Blender growing fast

Blender Logo The open source tool blender already has a big and steady growing community for years. This piece of Software which, being open source, is available completly for free, already has it's place in the 3d community.

Not only hobbists and freelancers are working with blender, but even some big studios use this software. Be it only as a supplement, or as the main package. Not only the modeling tools are really handy to work with, but blender also has lots more to offer. For example Cycles - a build in GPU Render, which can obtain fotorealistic results in a short amoung of rendertime. But this are only some of the benefits of Blender.

The fact usernumbers are growing shows a lately published download statistic. It says the software is downloaded almost half a million times a month. That is only from the official source, downloaded intallers from other mirror aren't counted. Being open source, blender can be download from many other sites.

The big popularity and steady development, also the price tag which is non existent, could make some pressure on the big companies to think about the price of their software. Espacially in times when big companies are going for a subscripton only cloud based software and no perpetual licenses will be available anymore. That means if you stop to pay, you cannot open any of your old projects anymore. But this is an other topic, this here is about Blender.

For starting Freelancers this definitly is the most interesting software, as it is so powerful and available for free. Many artists can't afford costly software, espaccially when starting their buisness.

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14.04.2015 by vfx-world

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Blender growing fast
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