Autodesk announced 3ds Max 2016

Autodesk 3DSMax 2016 announced

Autodesk announced 3ds Max 2016 Not only Maya 2016 was announced by Autodesk lately, but also their second big player 3ds Max 2016 was shown at the NAB. It seems this release got much love from Autodesk, because it comes with some big improvements and new features.

One of the biggest is, without a doubt, the Max Creation Graph. It is simmilar to Softimage ICE. A node based content and tool creation kit which was requested and awaited by many max users. This tool allows users to create own plugins by themselves in an easy way. It's just like plugin nodes together and getting nice results. Well, surely it isn't that simple but it seems simple enough to have much potential to be used widely. Users can pack their own tools and share them with others. That's surely making 3ds Max 2016 an even more powerful tool then ever before. Sharing own plugins will make the community grow even further.

But not only the Max Creation Graph is new in this release, it hast a lot more useful stuff to offer. One thing which is good to know is, that 3ds Max 2016 wont come in two versions anymore. Until the 2015 release costumers could choose between 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. Both now come together in the same package and one can be chosen during the installation.

3ds Max 2016 got new XRef Renovations. Users can externally reference objects to scenes and anmiate or edit the material on the XRef object sourcefile without having to merge the objects into the scene. This means a non-destructive animation workflow. This simplifies collaboration among teams and throughout the whole production pipeline.

Of course this isn't everything Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 has to offer in this new release. Check out the videos from Autodesk to set up your own mind.

3ds Max 2016 - Overview

3ds Max 2016 - Max Creation Graph

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