Freebie - High Res Texture Pack

Free 2k Textures

Free Texture Pack

Since we are moving towards christmas, here is a little gift for you. This are four free high resolution textures (2048x2048). This small pack contains two wood and two stone textures. You can use them freely in all of your work. The textures are taken with a Canon EOS 50D and are not seemless.

Merry christmas to all of you guys around the world!

Get your free textures here...

14.12.2017 by vfx-world

Pixologic Streamingevent on ZBrush 4R8

Livestream about the new ZBrush 4R8 on june the 13th held by Pixologic

Pixologic News Logo

Just a quick news about a livestream held by Pixologic about their new release of ZBrush on june the 13th at 12PM PDT. This will be an exclusive stream where the developers will show some new stuff that comes with ZBrush 4R8 and answere live user questions.

You will finde the links to the stream inside.


08.06.2017 by vfx-world

Blender News: Eevee incoming! Official Roadmap

New Realtime PBR Engine coming to Blender this year.

Blender Logo News Image

It's been a while since we had our last industry news, but this one is big, so big, that it's definitly worth the article! The speech is of the upcoming PBR Engine codenamed Eevee, which will be available in Blender later this year. PBR stands for Physically Based Rendering and is a trending technology which allows realistic real time rendering within the viewport. This is a really great benefit, as Users will be able to get a direct feedback of their work, without needing to do endless renders to get the right result.

The new viewport with Eevee implemented will support many new technologies such as image based lightning and of course others, that are already available. Eevee will support nearly all realistic Blender lights types like diffuse point lights. Only Hemi wont be supported. Other things like soft shadows, regular materials, uber shaders will be supported as well.

Image Based Lightning is the big thing in the CGI industry so it is no wonder, that Blenders Eevee will need HDRIs to work probably. The focus is always on the viewport to be responsive and fast, the User will be able to see results much quicker than with traditional methods and will be able to improve his workflow and meet deadlines.

When it comes to deadlines, especially in the CGI industry the slogan "time is money" is always a factor. Every artist will exactly know what I mean...



07.06.2017 by vfx-world

Free Character Model

Free Sea Horse Character Model

Free Sea Horse Character Model

Here is another Freebie for you. This is a character model inspired by a sea horse, designed by a good friend of mine, modeled by me. It really isn't a large or a complex model, but rather a base shape where you can put displacement maps on after sculpting more detail in. Due to the low poly count this model is perfect for video game engines like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, but it is also very suitable for realistic renders.

The model consists of only 804 faces! It's also already UV'ed, so you don't have to do this terrible work by yourself.

You can see more sample images and download the model by clicking read more.


26.01.2017 by vfx-world

Free photorealistic textures on

Great free textures for video game engines and rendering on!

Building a Workstation

The new year starts with some great freebies! is a website that offers many photorealistic textures for authentic renders and for use in video game engines like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Now they also offer some freebies!

All of their textures come in bundles with diffuse-, specular-, normalmaps and so on. You can create great looking materials without worrying about your textures ever again. They have a big database with different types of textures to offer. All textures are of course seamless and ready to use as is. You can download different resolutions for any texture, with high res textures up to 6K and more on their website!

All textures can be used in any modeling software like Blender, Maya, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D. More so, the textures are perfect for the video game engines Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. You can find the free samples directly on the landing page. When this isn't enough, you can get a 30 days trial to test their services to the whole extent!


18.01.2017 by vfx-world

The Evolution of Video Game Graphics

Let's take a look at the evolution of video game graphics over the past 20 years

Evolution of Video Game Graphics

Even I am no hardcore gamer I still like to play a video game once in a while. This hobby is what brought me into CGI/VFX in the first place. When I bought an Asus motherboard lately, I got Doom 4 for free. I know the Quake series from Quake 1, played the original Doom and Doom 3 (though not excessive) so I decided to give this game a try. Not that I bought the board for the game, in fact, when I wouldn't have got the game for 'free' I even wouldn't think about buying it. Not because I expect a bad game or something, the plain fact that I didn't play a competitive shooter for years is the reason and that I lost my interest in that kind of games over the time.

Nonetheless when the game arrived I was excited and I started the steam download immediately. As this isn't a game review, I'll get straight to the point this article is about: The first thing that catched my attention was the graphics! Not that it is something that I haven't seen before, in fact there are many games with visuals that can compete, but looking back at games like the mentioned Quake 1 this really is a lot of progress. And this is just 20 years of time. Quake 1 was released in 1996 and the difference is just astonishing. With this in mind and looking back on quite a 'gaming career' I decided to search the basement for CD's and DVD's and write an article about the evolution of video game graphics.

I found some real treasures, although I hoped to find some of my other classics, but they seem to be really well hidden... However, I found enough to write about and to have a good comparison. Important to mention is, that I only took first-person-shooters as this will guarantee the best comparison of development. Looking at, for example, an open world game and compare it to a first-person-shooter is not going to work well. There is much more to render at the same time and an open world needs more resources than a closed level. On the other hand you can place much more details into small levels, that's why a first-person-shooter from the same generation will usually look much better than an open world game. To get a good overview over the evolution of video game graphics we will be looking at the following games:

Quake - released in 1996
Unreal Tournament - released in 1999
Battlefield 1942 - released in 2002
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault - released in 2004
Crysis 1 - released in 2007
Bioshock - released in 2007
Battlefield 3 - released in 2011
Bioshock Infinite - released in 2013
Doom 4 - released in 2016
Unreal Tournament 4 - pre-alpha in 2016


20.07.2016 by vfx-world

Building a Workstation for VFX, 3D Modeling and Video Editing

A small guide to System Building

Building a Workstation

Whether you are an VFX Artist, Video Editor or 3D Modeler, the thing you will need for your everyday work the most is your workstation. Every artist who also wants to freelance will be depending on his workstation every day. Maybe more than in any other industry, content creators will know one rule: time is money. Especially when it comes to rendertimes. Assuming most artists only have one machine, the problem is very clear: you wont be able to work while your system is rendering. So the faster the better. But fast hardware comes at a price, and not everyone can or is willing to pay a huge amount for his system. This article is meant to be a little guideline for people who have an older system and want an upgrade to save time and to earn a little bit more money or have more time for other projects that way.

If you are an artist who wants the best service and fast exchange of hardware in case of a hardware defect, I mean if you really are a fulltime artist who can't afford to wait some days for a replacement you might be better off looking for a prebuild workstation by Dell, HP or Lenovo. This would guarantee the best possible service but also has it's cons. This workstations usually come at a higher price, when upgrading hardware you are forced to look at your manufacturers range and you are not allowed to do any repairing by yourself, otherwise your product warranty will expire. Although this prebuild workstations with excellent service are prefered by many professionals I myself am also a bit of a hardware enthusiast and so this article will be focused on custom build PC's. This also means nothing for the Mac users here I'm afraid.

Let's take a look at what you will need for your workstation first. Depending on what you are actually planing to do with your PC, the possibilities seem to be endless. In the end the core parts stay the same, so everyone will at least need:

CPU + Cooler
Graphics card
Storage (HDD, SSD)
Power Supply
A Case obviously

This are the main components. Lets start with the CPU.


09.06.2016 by vfx-world

Freebie - High Res Countryside Backplates

Free High Resolution Backplates

Free Highres Backplates So there wasn't an update for a long time for different reasons, but I hope this one will be of great use for you. Here is a free set of highres backplates for your personal use.

This pack contains four different backplates taken at the countryside. All images have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 px.

I really hope you like them, there will be more of this kind of downloads in near future, so stay tuned. Download of the free backplates is only available in a pack, there is no seperate download available.

Pack contains: 4 different free backplates
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 px

Click on read more to get to the download.


27.08.2015 by vfx-world

Free VFX Course by Allan McKay

Allan McKay gives you a free VFX course

Free FX Course by Allan Mckay Today I came across a really great VFX Video Course made by Allan Mckay. It is based on God of War's "Ash" FX Pipeline.

In this course you will get over 10 hours of completly free High-End Training with videos in HD quality and also a live FX Class. Allan will also provide the scene files, actual production scripts, shaders and lots more. It really is a whole production pipeline which will take an actual FX shot and of course will walk through from the start to the finish. As this course is using industry standart tools like 3DS Max, FumeFX 3.5, V-Ray, X-Mesh and Thinking particles 6 you can enjoy a really special gift which will help you to understand the production of visual effects in general surely a bit more.

You will learn the complete process for making an object turn into ashes, all the workflow is there, to show you how to do effects like this. Creating advanced shaders, rendering techniques, compositing, dynamics, all in one, good understandable, fully free course. Even if you are not using the applications mentioned above, you will still learn a lot and in the end understand the whole process, making it possible to use the tools within your production pipeline to create an effect like the one in this course.

If you are interested in this great course, be sure to visit the site as fast as possible, because this will only be available until the 17th May. So you only have two more days left. Don't miss this great opportunity.


15.05.2015 by vfx-world

Blender - almost half a million downloads per month

Blender growing fast

Blender Logo The open source tool blender already has a big and steady growing community for years. This piece of Software which, being open source, is available completly for free, already has it's place in the 3d community.

Not only hobbists and freelancers are working with blender, but even some big studios use this software. Be it only as a supplement, or as the main package. Not only the modeling tools are really handy to work with, but blender also has lots more to offer. For example Cycles - a build in GPU Render, which can obtain fotorealistic results in a short amoung of rendertime. But this are only some of the benefits of Blender.

The fact usernumbers are growing shows a lately published download statistic. It says the software is downloaded almost half a million times a month. That is only from the official source, downloaded intallers from other mirror aren't counted. Being open source, blender can be download from many other sites.


15.04.2015 by vfx-world

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